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Temporarily closed because management change.

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oltre 500 etichette nazionali ed estere aperto tutti i giorno dalle 10::00 alle 23:00
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Le Torri Pizzeria Ristorante

Excellence in pizza, sophisticated cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere.

Could it be for the very high quality flours, or for the patient maturation of the dough which enhances its characteristics? For the choice of cold cuts and cheese among the best Italian productions, or for the zero-kilometer vegetables always and only in season? In fact, it is for all of these that pizza is unique at LE TORRI.

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meaty ristorazione
When you’re hungry for exotic pizza, go to Meaty. Most likely you will return also to taste a wonderful tagliata or to sip a perfect cocktail. Very much appreciated the tasteful and refined environment.
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le calandre ***

Local of international prestige led by Chef Massimiliano Alajmo. Lightness, depth of flavors, fluidity, respect for ingredients to capture the essence of the material are the cooking principles dear to Chef Alajmo. The menu is inspired by seasonal ingredients and is a map that leads to a multisensory exploration.

il calandrino

A place that accompanies guests throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner, with a menu featuring the same ingredients as Le Calandre. The pastry shop stands out for its lightness, purity of flavors and for its “Italian” character. Each product respects and enhances the ingredients resulting unique and tasty.

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Hisyou Rubano - ristorante giapponese

Always first choice ingredients combined with workmanship on the smallest details.
Japanese cuisine is simple cuisine, so the choice of high quality and fresh raw materials is essential to have excellent tasty but at the same time light dishes.
For Japanese fusion cuisine Chen often travels to test the best national and international sushi from which to draw inspiration and then study new proposals together with sushi man Huang.

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La migliore offerta garantita

La migliore offerta garantita

La migliore offerta garantita